An interview with jazz saxophonist William Wait, who answers some questions about the Sunday afternoon jazz jam at Check Inn 99.

Q: Where does the tradition of Jazz in Thailand come from?

A: Of course, it started with the King – the late King. There’s always been a place in many Thai people’s hearts for jazz. Over the years it’s become much more popular. There are three jazz departments here in Bangkok, in the colleges. There are a lot of young, fine Thai jazz musicians now.

Q: Who comes to jazz jam?

A: We have kind of a core audience. There are people that are usually here every week, and this is kind of like a hangout for them on a Sunday afternoon, which is a real tradition in jazz. And we get musicians coming from all over the world, some famous, some not so famous. There’s always a real variety of people here.

Q: What’s the atmosphere like?

A: It’s not pretentious. It’s loose and easy. Lot’s of good beer here and the food is very good. The waitresses are all wonderful. I hope to see you down here at Check Inn 99 Sunday afternoons!




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