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Sunday April 28, 9PM at Check Inn 99 on Sukhumvit Soi 33 Bangkok — Vegir

Vegir means “roads” in Icelandic — and it’s everything the title implies.

One studio session with four musicians proved to be the golden ticket to tackle Dominique Vantomme’s musical sketches, written during his nomadic adventures in the United States and Asia.

A trip where jazz, progrock and improvisation lead the way. “Vegir”, released on New York label MoonJune Records, thumbs its nose at convention and showcases these seasoned veteran musicians at the top of their game: with the skill set, bravery and chutzpah to follow their instincts and, in the process, allow the music to seek out and ultimately capture its own form.

Avant-garde and experimental electronics mixed with a pinch of absurdism (thanks to titles such as “Playing chess with Barney Rubble” and “The self-licking ice cream cone”) are the perfect ingredients for a live experience you won’t soon forget.

“Vegir” — It slinks; it growls; it stalks; it devours! It grooves; it stutters; it holds you in suspense, then explodes!

Band Line up:

Dominique Vantomme – keys
Jasper Morel – guitar
Moreno Claeys – bass
Geert Roelofs – drums




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